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10 Ways to Help Our Ocean · 1. Conserve Water · 2. Reduce Pollutants · 3. Reduce Waste · 4. Shop Wisely · 5. Reduce Vehicle Pollution · 6. Use Less Energy · 7. Fish. We are all connected by our oceans. Australia is surrounded by breathtaking coastlines and oceans that are home to a magnificent array of marine wildlife. Keep beaches clean. Plastics, fishing line, and other debris harm sea life and pollute the ocean. Clean up after yourself. Get involved! Participate in beach.

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Biologists have likened it to smog because of the way it shrinks the perceptual world of whales, fish, and other marine life. In , after a six-year. Ocean conservation builds more resilient oceans by protecting marine wildlife while securing the needs of the + million who depend on ocean ecosystems. Ocean conservation is vital to the survival of all marine species. In order to protect wild populations and continue to return captive dolphins and whales to.

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Support organizations working to protect the ocean. Many institutes and organizations are fighting to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife. How can I help? If we don't act now to change the way we treat marine turtles and their habitat we may lose some populations forever. Through Adopt. 30+ Important Things You Need To Know About Saving Your Ocean's Environment · 1. Reduce the use of plastic – · 2. Clean up your local beaches – · 3. Reduce your.