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2-Lane sorting conveyor. Sweep arm diverter paddle gently and quickly diverts selected packages from the main production lane to the accumulation lane for. All the products are sorted and kept for delivery. The conveyor does the sortation by various inputs like, based on the destination, size. Sorter arms adjust. Our Sorting Table Conveyors range from 10′ to 60′ long & are commonly used in the recycling industry. Conveyors come with skirting, drop chutes.

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Sortation conveyors separate items within a single stream into different destination lanes based on specific parameters to improve distribution and productivity. Dual sorting /coding conveyor, variable speed (used). Stainless Steel. With twice-used Linx Click to Request Price. Conveyors. Across belt sorter system allows you to sort fragile and high friction items at high speeds. Tilt Tray. Tile tray conveyors belts utilize mechanically tilting.

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Our sorting conveyor makes removing poor-quality fruits and transporting fruit from the washer to the mill easy and convenient. Conveyor belt is made of. Capable of moving and sorting individual products or complete pallets without the need for employee oversight, our conveyor and carousel systems can enhance. Jorgensen builds durable, heavy duty equipment for the recycling industry and offers a complete line of engineered sorting conveyor solutions for your.